Revolutionary technology that opens new windows for revenue growth

Expand Your Search

Now it’s possible in one search to return intelligent results and sell content from your GDS along with unlimited numbers of consolidators, low cost carriers, specialist agent resellers and TMCs.

Grow Your Share of Travel Spend

Travelers want more than just a great price; they want to optimize the travel experience. For your clients, you are now able to access more options along with lower fares than what you or they can access via an OTA or GDS

Improve Your Attachment Rates

Present to your clients private, group and negotiated accommodations with an unlimited number of bedbanks, aggregators, wholesalers and DMCs on the hotel side.

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Travel Management Companies

Empower your advisors with an easy-to-use, complete booking solution that allows them to plug in their PCC to pull in their corporation’s negotiated fares and rates and compare those to hundreds of other agents and resellers in a complete travel market place

Onsite integration with major systems and processes

Modifiable front-end ensures agent productivity

Marketplace access and available call center support

Host Agencies and Independent Agents

TripChamp Agent is a highly innovative Cloud/SaaS selling platform for Independent Agents and Host Agencies. TripChamp Agent provides bi-directional access to a global marketplace of restricted, private, negotiated and consolidated content that greatly increases Agent productivity and bottom-line profit.

Accessible and easy to use Cloud /SaaS platform

Flexibility to markup and sell extended content

Marketplace access and available call center support

Regional Licensing & Partnerships

TripChamp enables you, as the platform provider, to deliver to your agent members or customers the best results from their own GDS as well as better options from other agents in your network and hundreds of global consolidators and specialist agents. This is for both air and hotels. We integrate your negotiated deals and any specialist suppliers you may have of your own in one easily bookable platform.

Complete TripChamp branded platform

Integration with existing tools & geo-specific content

Flexibility to integrate and expand within your regional network