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ClusterTruck Geofilters

Objective: Create three snapchat geofilters for students to use to promote the food delivery company, ClusterTruck. Create graphics that students can use when they are up late studying, reuniting with old friends, and making new friends. I did my usual process of researching and finding inspiration. Fortunately, the company already had marketing standards I could […]

TripChamp Styleguide

While acting as the Lead Designer for TripChamp I created a UI/UX style-guide for the remodel of the app.  It covered everything from basic color and font choices to grid and module layouts. I wanted to make everything modularized to give consistency to the user as well as easy modular implementation for the development team.

Texas Norml Logo Re-design

Texas Norml asked me to redo their original logo that was created in 1978 to a new more modern icon. Objective: Create a new logo that encapsulates the goal for the non-profit without using typical Cannabis iconography and look professional for use when lobbying within the Texas state Capitol.