what we do

Most TMCs and Agents are connected to a limited set of GDS, Negotiated and Private travel deals

TripChamp expands an integrates and Agent’s access to public and negotiated content, including all 3 major GDSs plus dozens of non-public sources in one platform

how it happens

TripChamp is able to search this larger universe of public and private sources of travel inventory allowing Agents to offer their clients cost savings while improving their own commissions!

How is this possible? TripChamp uses patented technology that rapidly normalizes data feeds from different sources.

This enables real-time, simultaneous comparisons of GDS and non-GDS options for your client.

Power is then placed in the Agent’s hands - by using powerful filters and sort tools, the Agent can quickly locate the best offer for their client’s needs

Savings can often be quite large. Using an optional screen for Independent Agents, the Agent is able to decide the appropriate markup (on private content) and build a final offer to the client

Lower Fares

Happy Agents

Happy Customers